Self-priming Pumps

Compared to the non self priming pump, the self priming pump can empty the gas in the inlet pipe and pump the liquid into the lower position. Reliably solves the problems caused by valve defects and the vaporization of the liquid part of the problem. Evacuation time is short, high efficiency and no fault operation, high life cycle low cost. Suitable for pumping clean and lightly contaminated liquids, for water supply, dehydration, pressurization systems and irrigation.

  • Self-priming Pumps-E
    Self-priming Pumps-E
  • SBE503
  • SUB
◇High energy-efficiency
Integrated jet pump or mixture formation
Low velocity of flow
Optimized impeller approach flow
Low internal friction losses
Optimized head per stage
◇Easy installation
Modular construction system for customized solutions
Horizontal design
Bloc-or bedplate design
◇Easy maintenance
◇Technical superiority
Open impellers without axial thrust or balanced Closed impellers
Compensation of radial forces by means of diffuser
Devices in the annular casing
Process reliability
Self priming capability
Partial gas supply
Wide performance curve characteristics
Flat or steep characteristic curves
Operating pressure up to 16 bar
Temperature -40℃ up to +90℃
Viscosity up to 115mm2/s