Multiphase Pumps

EDUR multiphase pump can achieve the perfect effect in the following process;

Dissolved air flotation, solution gas, neutralization and gas-liquid oxidation and liquid oxidation, rust removal, wastewater denitrification, drinking water and wastewater ozonation process, process water, heavy water and waste water reuse technology. 

In many processes, the pumps often have to be delivered with an insoluble gas or vapor. EDUR multiphase flow pump due to the special design of the hydraulic components, is dedicated to solve the dissolution or transport of dissolved air liquid centrifugal pump. When the liquid and gas are sucked in from the inlet of the pump, the gas in the pump is fully mixed with the liquid in a highly dispersed state. EDUR multiphase flow pump is like a dynamic mixer. It has the following unique advantages:

After the open impeller structure ensures the gas-liquid mixing conveying stability and reliability, and remarkable energy-saving effect.
Only according to the specifications of different pump, stable conveying gas content up to 30% liquid.
This liquid soluble gas when the solubility can up to 100% saturation.
After the dissolved gas liquid pressure after the release of gas in a liquid with micro bubble dispersion state, the average bubble diameter is less than or equal to 26 microns.

This gas directly inhaled from the inlet of the pump, compared with the traditional flotation system, can save (air compressor, pressure vessel, release and control systems and valves, centrifugal pump) system is greatly simplified and more reliable.

EDUR multiphase pump can be used in various gas-liquid and liquid-liquid mixing process. According to your process and requirements, our professional engineers and project engineers can provide you with the best solution in the technical and economic.

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  • EBU
  • LBU

 Open impeller structure ensures the stability and reliability of the gas-liquid mixing conveying, and its energy-saving effect is remarkable.

 Depending on the pump model selected, gas contents up to 30% can be achieved successfully for stable transport condition.

 By gas-charging of liquid grades of solubility up to 100% are realized.

The dispersion contains micro bubbles as fine as possible with an average size smaller than≤ 30 microns and an equal distribution.

  Gas fed directly from the inlet of the pump allows the reduction of DAF system components ( air compressor, pressure vessel, releaser, control system and valve, centrifugal pumps) compared to traditional DAF system and new system is greatly simplified and realiable.

EDUR multiphase pumps almost can be applied in various gas-liquid processes. According to your process requirements, our professional engineers and project engineers can provide the best solution for you on technology and economy.