Liquefied Gas Pumps

LPG pump for the unloading of liquefied petroleum gas fuel, filling, transportation and filling process. The requirements of the pump pressure difference, gas-liquid mixing delivery, low cavitation margin, low pulse transmission, low noise emissions and ATEX explosion-proof demonstration. The user is also expected that the gas liquid mixture can be stable and reliable, and can control the change of the amount of gasification and steam pressure of the liquefied fuel, and the more reliable and efficient pump.

  • NHE


◇High energy-efficiency
Very high efficiencies
Optimized impeller approach flow
Low internal friction losses
Optimized head per stage
◇Easy maintenance
Modular construction system for customized solutions
Compact bloc- or bedplate design
◇Easy service
Operating pressure up to 40 bar
Temperature -40℃ up to +110℃
Viscosity up to 115 mm2/s
◇Technical superiority
Open impellers without axial trust or balanced closed impellers
Compensation of radial forces by means of diffuser devices in the annular casing
NPSH inducer stages
Low noise emissions
ATEX conformity
Process reliability
Partial gas supply
Wide performance curve characteristics
High pressure stages
Low NPSH-values