Waste water application

Wastewater treatment of papermaking enterprises in Fuyang

Release Time:2016-08-23 15:25:40

In Zhejiang Fuyang Paper Industrial Park ,using German EDUR multiphase pump to compose pressure DAF system, deal with pulp recycling and wastewater treatment.


1. Energy efficiency: 100 m3/h   DAF multiphase pump operation power: 4.7KW

                                  200 m3/h    DAF multiphase pump operation power: 9.7kw

                                  250 m3/h   DAF multiphase pump operation power: 12KW

2. save reagent amount and excellent suspended matter removal effect, because the  air solubility is 100% and bubble diameter is less than 30um, air floating is very dense in water. In the case of suspended matter concentration about 1000~2000mg/L, the removal rate can reach to 20mg/L.

3. DAF equipment debugging is simple and convenient, operation reliable, working condition stable.